Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I get help if Im vulnerable or shielding e.g. delivering medication, food parcels. or call 01942 489018.

2. Self isolation note.

    This is not done by the GP instead you need to go to

3. B12 injections and depot contraception.

    Our nurse can help you to self administer. If this is not an acceptable solution please send a query to the doctor about changing you to oral  vitamin B12 tablets or oral contracpetion.

4. Blood tests.

    Currently only urgent blood tests are being carried out - these are ones for patient safety or exclusion of critical conditions such as cancer.

5. Hospital Referrals.

    Urgent referrals for cancer or critical problems such as heart conditions are still occuring,

Routine referrals for non life threatening conditions and re-referrals for ongoing conditions will need to wait until lockdown is lifted.