1. complete Health Questionnaire form and GMS1 form (both available in reception).

Please bring proof of identity and address  (photo driving licence, passport, utility bill etc.)

2. Once registered, we will contact you to for a new patient medical. with the nurse.  This is a requirement of all new patients.

Patients will not be unreasonably refused registration, “unreasonable” means refusal based on: Medical condition; Race; Gender or sexual orientation; Disability; Age; Religious group or religious beliefs;  Political beliefs; Appearance or lifestyle.

"reasonable" means: The patient resides out of the Practice area (a 2 mile radius of the surgery )., Te patient has been previously removed from the list or the patient has a known history of violence.

The reason for refusal will be in writing and recorded in a permanent record for that purpose. This excludes Temporary Residents, where no record is necessary.