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Frequently Asked Questions

Video demo by Dr  Vasanth  click here


1. How do I send a message:

click New Request, type the problem, click  Consult your GP follow prompts

you will hear back in a few hours


2. How can i be sure  my request was sent?
  click  Check for reply under the app

  then click View past requests in the app

3 Can I book a routine  appointment? 

No- not during lockdown, but we do see emergencies such as suspected cancer

4. Can I request prescriptions? Yes

acute requests  for one person

repeats for one or multiple people

5. coronavirus queries

please first look at coronavirus info 

6. Do I need  the GP or another service (midwife, pychology, district nurse, A&E)

 click on  local services list

If you get stuck and need to goback to the start screen click  Check for reply